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TESTS @ NADS 2020-21

Weekly tests for all subjects will be held from the commencement of the academic year itself.

CHAPTER-WISE TESTS for ALL SUBJECTS will be conducted every week.

Chapter-wise test in each and every subject will be exactly as per the BOARD PATTERN

(unless it is impossible to do so)

For Std. VIII and Std. IX MOCK UNIT TESTS / TERMINAL or FINAL EXAMINATIONS will be held for all subjects as per -

a) the school syllabus
b) the school paper pattern

Solutions to the test (with marking scheme wherever possible / necessary will be made available to the student) along with the corrected answer paper.

Corrected papers will be provided to the students within 10 days of writing the test.

Students have to get the signatures of BOTH their parents on the very same day and submit the signed papers for verification of signatures after which the student should file the papers, subject-wise.


We shall conduct FOUR PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS during the months of
November 2020   |   December 2020   |   January 2021    |   February 2021.

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