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"Firstly I would like to thank you all for helping me achieve this little success of mine. I still remember Naidu Sir's words at the beginning of my SSC journey. He had one good and one bad news for us. Good thing was that the SSC Board was being on the right track with the introduction of a new syllabus and bad one was that we were the first batch to face such a transformed pattern of exam. This realistic and honest opinion of his made me pull my socks from the very early stages. I find myself very lucky to have chosen NADS as they successfully accepted this challenge and delivered. Naidu Sir's unique style of teaching,his command on FRENCH, periodicals and preliminary exams really made the difference. Extra sums from different boards, learning through videos, fun activities in the classroom were very enjoyable and kept me charged all the time. At times, Naidu Sir took care of our empty stomachs too. Such a parental treatment can only be received at NADS. The entire team of NADS , not only focused on the academic part but also helped us inculcate values, morals and mannerisms in us. Career guidance and counseling session, mind refreshing Lonavala visit were really the most memorable moments. My special thanks to Vidya Madam and Gopi Sir who extended their valuable support throughout the year. I am extremely happy to be a part of NADS family. Love you all !!!"

Shravani Rane

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"Being a part of NADS for the two most crucial academic years of school, I learnt many things which are surely going to last me a life time.... The teaching faculty at NADS is simply the most wonderful and Sir has seen to it that everything functions smoothly at class. My experience at NADS was amazing and I'm glad I was a part of it. The best thing about NADS is that its our 24/7 helpline... any doubts, any queries... the NADS family is always by your side. Naidu Sir not only inspired us to work hard and study, but at the same time told us to look after our health as well. Naidu Sir filled up concrete in the tiny cracks on the way to success... he strengthened our base for the years to come...He was the one who lit up the spark of sucess in my mind and I would truly like to thank him for his help and guidance. I consider myself very lucky and would thereby dedicate all the credits of my marks to him. May God bring all the happiness to this super amazing human I met."

Hrishika Samani

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"NADS has been an amazing experience for me. It’s incredible support and guidance has been the key to my success. I would like to thank all the teachers at NADS. They are highly knowledgeable and dedicated. They never hesitated to explain a concept any number of times till we were clear with it. The person I need to thank the most is Naidu Sir, the heart of NADS. He inspired and motivated us through his ‘Parent-Teacher-Student Interaction’ meetings. He has a very systematic and unique way of teaching which helped me in my studies. He was always available for his nuts 24/7. I will never forget the oral take ups which Naidu sir used to take but whatever he used to ask at that moment used to get registered in our minds. A lot of homework was given to us every day which I used to just strive to complete. But this is what inculcated in me the habit of working hard. The Sunday Tests also helped us improve. There were many occasions where I had given up hope but Gopi sir was always there for me to boost my spirit and encourage me. Thank you

Gopi Sir. Kunnikanan Sir, the backbone of NADS made us realize the smallest mistakes we made in Maths and Science. Last but not least I would like to thank Vidya ma’am who was very strict but she was the one to maintain the discipline at NADS and organize everything. NADS has always been there for me throughout my academic journey of IX and X standard. It has prepared me for all kinds of situations……made me strong. I’m glad that I was a part of NADS!!!”

Ria Vavhal

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"Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning’. I truly believed in this quote after I started attending NADS due to the sheer efforts of professors the subjects once disliked by me became my favourite. I would like to thank NADS for not only playing the role of the master key in my success in Boards but more importantly for igniting my imagination, instilling in me the love for learning, teaching me how to conquer my fears and helping me in my all-round development. I would especially like to thank Naidu Sir for the sacrifices he made to teach us to the best of his ability. An inspirer, an empowerer, an engager. These characteristics are just a sample of the many you demonstrate with all your students including me. In a nutshell, I would like to thank Nads for not only guiding me in the boards but also for shaping my personality."

Uma Kadam

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"NADS is where I laughed, I cried, I ate and I grew as an individual to prepare me for the best. The weekly tests, past papers, prelims, revisions always helped me assess my preparation. The explanations provided by the faculty and Naidu sir are comprehensive and precise. Naidu sir is indeed the best tutor but definitely a best friend who has supported us throughout. Also Gopi Sir and Vidya Mam were constantly helping us to improve. Leaving NADS wasn’t a difficult choice because we will always be a part of it!"


Dhwani Visariya

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"However cliched this might sound, NADS is not a class , it's a class apart !! The tips and tricks given by Naidu sir made French far more interesting and fun to learn.His approach tothe language simplified the most difficult concepts. It's a blessing to have received the opportunity to be part of the NADS familyHowever cliched this might sound , NADS is not a class ,it's a class apart !! The tips and tricks given by Naidu sir made French far more interesting and fun to learn.His approach tothe language simplified the most difficult concepts. It's a blessing to have received the opportunity to be part of the NADS family"

Moksh Chaddha

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