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Unlocking possibilities through Online Education

NADS has always aimed at the light of education spreads from individuals to communities and from communities to the entire country. It’s the only manner in which oppression against classes can be eliminated and development of the masses in spite of the powers that be of all kinds can be brought about. Do join us in this battle from education for a few to education for all ... 

Yours Truly,

Prof. Subramaniyam Naidu

Director, NADS

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About our Academy

NADS (Naidu’s Academy of Developmental Studies) has grown from Target Success in the 90s (a one-man show taking care of the subjects of Mathematics, Science & French) to one of the best Group Coaching Coaching Centres in Matunga (E), Mumbai, India for all subjects of standards IX and X (Maharashtra SSC Boards) and French for standard XII (Maharashtra HSC Board) since  2003. 

Its results bear testimony to the above.

Since the last few years, NADS offers coaching for almost all subjects of the SSC and ICSE Boards from standards VIII to X, XI Science, IIT-JEE & NEET with as well as without collaborations with the like-minded. 

NADS today look beyond borders to “educate” and “spread knowledge” which has always been its passion. 



Belief Systems

Focus on Academic Excellence
Personalised Attention
Effective and Evolving Methods
of Study 
Honesty and Truthfulness
Customised Personal Counseling 
Discipline and Punctuality
Respect &

Courses We Offer

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NADS Prospectus


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NADS Prospectus


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NADS Star Enablers


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"I would especially like to thank Naidu Sir for the sacrifices he made to teach us to the best of his ability. An inspirer, an empowerer, an engager. These characteristics are just a sample of the many you demonstrate with all your students including me."

Uma Kadam

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